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Women's History Month: Molly Fedick of Buzzkill

What does being a badass disruptor in a predominantly male beverage industry mean to you?

First of all, what a compliment! Thanks! Being a woman in a predominantly male industry is awesome, especially when it comes to doing things like raising capital, which is traditionally a boy's game. It's cool knowing that I'm a part of a group of women who are not afraid to take up space.

What are some things you admire about the women in your life?

The strongest people in my life are women. They are tenacious, creative, intelligent, and have integrity. So many women from my mom to my favorite professor have impacted the way I conduct myself.

We love seeing women supporting other women. What's an example of that in the last year that has inspired you?

Absolutely! I've found the NA space in particular to be particularly female-dominated, especially when it comes to NA influencers. I really can't thank these women enough for supporting Buzzkill by reviewing it, making TikToks about it, having me on their podcasts, etc.

Who’s your favorite female comedian?

Great question! Joan Rivers! I miss her on Fashion Police before all the awards shows!