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Women's History Month: Ellie Webb of Caleño

What does being a badass disruptor in a predominantly male beverage industry mean to you?

Being a solo female entrepreneur in business in the drinks industry, I've normally found myself in the minority. In a way, having that time at the beginning on my own has meant this business is really about my unfiltered vision and how I see the world. It has allowed me to get crystal clear on that vision, without too many outside influences. I started to recognise that, unfortunately, I was very much in the minority, but I could actually use this to my strength. I'm able to really resonate with our drinkers who are predominantly women in their late 20's, early 30's, so that really helps in figuring out the best way to approach things. As I've built my business, I've connected with so many inspirational female founders, so we can each learn and grow from each other and figure out the different perspectives we all bring to the brands we're building.

What are some things you admire about the women in your life?

I have some incredibly strong women in my life. Both of my grandmas were incredibly strong. My English grandma pulled herself out of poverty where she started with nothing and worked incredibly hard to make something of herself. My Colombian grandma also faced so many hardships in her life, but she's been incredibly resilient throughout and has always kept going, being a real rock for the family. Outside of family, the businesswomen I surround myself with are charismatic innovators, who grasp every opportunity and are truly supportive of one another. We recognise that to achieve our goals, we must all help each other as much as possible, no matter where we are in that journey.

We love seeing women supporting other women. What's an example of that in the last year that has inspired you?

Oh yes, definitely! A great example is a female founders community I'm part of called Buy Women Built. It's a collective of incredible female founded brands whose mission is to shine a spotlight on female entrepreneurs and their brands. Unfortunately, 81% of 11-18 year olds are unable to name one single female entrepreneur, and if we want to inspire more young women to follow in our footsteps, that needs to change. This community champions the female behind the brand, but also harnesses the power of consumer spending, encouraging others to also buy from female founded brands.

Who’s your favorite female comedian?

I love Katherine Ryan at the moment. She's honest, authentic and wildly hilarious. She doesn't take herself too seriously.