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Women's History Month: Dejou Marano of Prima Pavé

What does being a badass disruptor in a predominantly male beverage industry mean to you?

It means being proactive instead of reactive, and not only focusing on what the landscape looks like today but being fearless to create for the tomorrow you hope to help build. When you’re able to get out of your own way and let your instincts be your compass, you’re empowered to think less about the paradigm that you’re disrupting and more about what you and only you can uniquely bring to the world.

What are some things you admire about the women in your life?

I’m incredibly blessed to have brilliant, unapologetically bold and thoughtful women in my life, who are true originals. They are leaders, they are survivors, they are creators. I admire their sincerity, their commitment, their unfailing optimism, and their ability to be both strong and tender simultaneously. It has been an honor to learn from and be lifted up by such magnificent women, and it never fails to remind me of our inherent power.

We love seeing women supporting other women. What's an example of that in the last year that has inspired you?

For me some of the most meaningful examples of women supporting other women can be found in the everyday, empathetic moments when a woman helps another woman thrive, even in the quietest way. I recently saw a story about three ladies, who without hesitation, jumped in to help an exhausted mom calm her screaming toddler during a flight. This simple act of love and kindness toward a complete stranger and her child was so touching, and demonstrates that when we empathize instead of judge, when we stand up instead of turn around, we help each other succeed.

Who’s your favorite female comedian?

Okay, so whenever I’m asked this type of question, I’m notoriously unable to ever choose just one of anything. I’m more of a top three kind of gal. With that said, there are three comedians that immediately come to mind - Anjelah Johnson, Margaret Cho and Gilda Radner. I also really love the work of Michelle Buteau.