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Ancient wisdom and modern rituals for restorative living.

Made in New York

Created by Connor Godfrey to empower people on their life journeys.

Ready to Enjoy

Inspired by mixologists, Rasa captures the complexity and balance of iconic spirits in a single beverage. Enjoy on its own or in cocktails!

Find your Zen

Rasāsvāda is an Indian philosophy that means the taste of bliss in the absence of all thought.

Ethically Sourced

Working with farming communities around the world, Rasāsvāda responsibly sources rare and restorative whole plant ingredients.


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Meet Connor

  • Inspired by his family and the city of New York, Connor Godfrey has been working on the creation of Rasāsvāda for almost four years. Like many of us, during a challenging period of his life, Connor looked to alternative beverages to help deal with the stressors of life. Those tinctures, herbal medicines, and ancient remedies helped inspire the three Rasa decoctions they offer today. His hope is that their range of Spirit Restoratives will help people on their life journeys. His goal is to empower people to embrace the present, and the uncertainties of the future, with fearlessness. To follow their curiosity, even when it takes them along unfamiliar routes. To seek strength and fortification. To revel in the intensity of their journeys, and find a path towards self-discovery and personal growth. To stare that person back in the mirror and know this is just the beginning.

What does mindful drinking mean to you?

    • To me, mindful drinking is being aware of one’s relationship with alcohol. As a Company, we recognize the strength in the sober curious movement and that our current environment has changed peoples’ lifestyle and habits. We feel it is important to recognize what you seek in the present moment and are here to enhance that no matter what it may be, while optimizing internal and mental health and wellness.

Guest of a Guest

This Zero-Proof Spirit Will Give Your Health A Serious Buzz

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“I really enjoyed the complex and unique flavor profile of each Rasāsvāda blend. I found these spirits to be complex enough on their own that they made for an interesting cocktail without a lot of effort or added ingredients.”
-Rachael S.