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The Bitter Housewife

Bitterly Honest Beverages.

Made in Oregon

Created by Genevieve Brazelton with a mission to inspire people to make their own choices, starting with what they drink.

Ready to Enjoy

What do you do with Bitters + Soda? We get that question a lot. The short answer is, drink it cold, straight from the can.

The Finishing Touch

Top off your favorite drink with bitters for an enhanced flavor!

Sugar Free

Seriously. Absolutely none. Not even trace amounts.


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Meet Genevieve + Dan

Genevieve + Dan are on a mission to inspire people to make their own choices, starting with what they drink. The Bitter Housewife was originally created for Genevieve and her whiskey-drinking friends with the intention of making cocktails less intimidating and educating consumers on what makes a great drink. Hint: it's all about balance and finding what you like. The Bitter Housewife makes high quality, all natural beverages that focus on balanced, bitter flavors that encourage you to explore and have fun creating your own drinks!

What does mindful drinking mean to you?

    • To me mindful drinking is an awareness of what you’re consuming and why. Making a choice because you want to not because you feel you “should”. At The Bitter Housewife we believe in real ingredients and great taste. Sometimes that comes with alcohol and sometimes it doesn’t. And whatever you choose, we’re cool with that even if it means you don’t choose The Bitter Housewife.


Drink of the Week: The Bitter Housewife Bitters & Soda

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“Really wonderful, I've been exploring non-alcoholic drinks lately, and this is the first one I've had that impressed me from the first sip to the last. Lovely strong flavor, not sweet at all, completely refreshing. Will definitely be ordering again. Delicious!”
-Austin D.