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Take a journey into flavor.

Born in Vermont

Founded by husband and husband team Justin and Roger.

Organic + Vegan

From the maple syrup to the shade-grown coffee, Sacré is organic through and through. They also farm their maple in a bird-friendly way, making them Audubon certified.

Low in Sugar

Using maple as a natural sweetener, Sacré is delicious and low in sugar, making it a guilt-free treat.

All in the Family

Justin, a 6th generation Vermont Maple Producer, uses his family-farmed fermented maple syrup and sources the coffee from a family-owned business, making Sacré 100% family made.


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Meet Justin + Roger

    • Justin was born and raised in Fairfield, Vermont. His family is a 6th generation Vermont Maple Producer. The primary ingredient in SACRÉ, fermented maple syrup, is produced by our family on our farm in Northern Vermont. Roger was raised in Hawaii. His father is a 25 year U.S.A.F. veteran. Roger enlisted in the Air Force as well, serving in Alaska and California. SACRÉ was born out of Justin and Roger's desire to elevate maple from its humble origins.

Why did you create Sacré?

      • We wanted to make maple weird. We realized a fermented maple syrup beverage was just as suitable, and interesting at the dinner table, bar as any wine or spirit.


Meet the New Generation of Nonalcoholic Spirits

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“Sacré answers the question, “What would maple taste like without the sweetness?” Designed to be sipped alone, this nonalcoholic product is intense...”
-The Atlanta Journal-Constitution