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What is mindful drinking?

What is mindful drinking?

At SIPPLE, we're all about opening up the conversation and bringing awareness to the reasons why people drink. I mean, we've all been there at least once, sitting at a bar when our friend orders a sparkling water. The next obvious question is, 'Wait, you're not drinking? Why not?" The guilt, shame, embarrassment, annoyance, frustration, etc. that comes with this question is overwhelming.

There are myriad reasons why someone doesn't want to drink and, spoiler alert, it's not ONLY because your friend is sober or pregnant. As a country, we're becoming more and more health-conscious and, as a result, we're more aware of what goes into our bodies and how it makes us feel. Well, the food decisions we make aren't THAT different than the drinking decisions we make.

Mindful drinking is all about tapping into awareness, taking stock of our emotions and making a more conscious decision instead of a habitual one.

What does mindful drinking mean to me?

I believe mindful drinking really can + truly should mean something different to everyone.

To me, mindful drinking is all about INTENTION, first + foremost, directly connected + followed with being more self-aware + self-conscious in a whole new positive celebratory way!
Secondly, it's not only about looking for a healthier relationship with alcohol, but it's more about a mindset shift to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol to make more conscious decisions about your habitual nature + environment; highlighting the integral internal meets external narrative of when, how, what + why to drink alcohol; or better yet, when, how, what and why to live, be and/or drink alcohol-free.
Thirdly, it’s really about looking for a healthier relationship with yourself, first + foremost above all, as it especially pertains to drinking or not drinking alcohol, + be more conscious + mindful about what ingredients, frequency, vibration, light + energy you choose to put in your body.
You are what you drink.
Knowledge is real power + being open, MINDFUL + vulnerable is a true super power!
So let's celebrate that there is everything positive about living, being and/or drinking alcohol-free!!!