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For Bitter For Worse

Distilled Non-alcoholic Drinks for the Adult Palate
Born in Oregon

All of our products are made in Portland, OR.

Made from Botanicals

A proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals brings you full flavor without any added flavors - natural or otherwise.

Ready to Enjoy

Ready to drink, right out of the bottle! No mixers needed.

Made with Love

Inspired by our long, sparky marriage and love for celebration.


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Meet Shelley + Jeff

For Bitter For Worse is inspired by our long, sparky marriage and love for celebration. When we made the choice to drink less alcohol, we were frustrated by the lack of sophisticated options. We’re innovators and flavor-chasers who set out to make the kinds of drinks we enjoy—cocktails we’re proud to serve our friends. Whether you’re the designated driver, sober for life, or just pacing yourself at a party—we got you! Because a well-stocked bar includes alcohol-free cocktails.

Why zero proof/alcohol-free?

Lifelong flavor-chasers, Shelley and Jeff were passionate drink hobbyists until the double-whammy of job loss and health challenge propelled them into a whole new life. After being diagnosed with an obscure neurological condition, Shelley realized the oversized role alcohol has in our culture, and how few sophisticated options were available to someone abstaining from booze for whatever reason.

Delicious alcohol-free drinks are the ultimate inclusive beverage. They make space at the table for everyone.

New York Times

Pleasantly Bitter and Thoroughly Grown-Up, No Alcohol Needed

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“We have tried many NA brands and this has surpassed them all. The nose hit and throat feel are so convincing of a true cocktail. It doesn’t taste diluted like many on the market. Consider me a new fan and a big fan. This will definitely be my new cocktail go to.”
-Tara Hansen