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Non-alcoholic spirits distilled from raw botanicals.

Born in Oregon

Fellow Oregonians create distilled spirits rooted in flavor, unbound by alcohol.

Vacuum Distilled

Gentle heat intensifies the raw botanicals without alcohol ever being introduced or removed.

Made from Botanicals

Hundreds of botanicals from around the world offer pleasantly unexpected, complex flavor combinations

Inspired by Curiosity

Motivated by a desire to create spirits with unique flavor and complexity that elevate non-alcoholic cocktails.


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Meet Brad + Seth

Fellow Oregonians, Brad Whiting and Seth O’Malley came together for a new vision of distilling. Brad, a liquor industry veteran, longed for drink options that would celebrate the complexity and experience of a traditional spirit but that paired better with an active lifestyle. Seth, an expert distiller, had a passion for botanicals and was feeling constrained by the limited flavors celebrated in spirits. When the two connected, the answer was clear: they set out to create distilled spirits rooted in flavor, unbound by alcohol.

With Oregon’s adventurous spirit as their guide, Seth and Brad began a two-year journey of experimentation. Free from the confines of traditional thinking, they combed Seth’s vast library of botanical samples, tried dozens of wild combinations, and experimented with various production methods. The goal? To create spirits with unique flavor and complexity that would elevate non-alcoholic cocktails. The beautiful result is WildertonTM.

What does mindful drinking mean to you and your brand?

For me, mindful drinking is about checking in with yourself about your relationship with alcohol. My wife and I did Dry January together for the first time this year and it was an amazing opportunity to think and discuss about why we might have normally reached for an alcoholic beverage, and how a Wilderton cocktail often provided a better experience. Wilderton is an alternative, not a replacement.


What to Drink If You're Not Drinking: The Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits for Dry January

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“Wilderton shows up just in time to set the standard in a product that will inspire others to come. Instead of trying to replicate a spirit that exists, Wilderton is simply itself. It isn't a whisky or a rum wanna be.”
-Gregory Gourdet