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Noughty Wines

It doesn't have to be alcohol to be rock 'n' roll.

Born in the UK

Created by Amanda Thomson in the United Kingdom.

Organic + Vegan

Noughty is committed to using only 100% organic grapes and never uses any animal by-products in the filtration process, meaning that all bottles are vegan friendly.

The Healthy Wine

Cut the unnecessary sugar – you’re sweet enough. With less than 6g of residual sugar per glass of wine, Noughty is practically sugar-free.

Halal Certified

Noughty is proud to offer halal certified products, allowing Muslim consumers to be confident that the products they use are in alignment with their culture and beliefs.


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Sold out

Meet Amanda

    • Amanda Thomson has always been obsessed with fine Champagne. Driven by a determination to create the perfect one led her to Paris to study wine at Le Cordon Bleu. Realising that there wasn’t a top quality alcohol-free sparkling to match Champagne, Amanda saw the huge gap in the market for purity aligned with perfect taste.
      Noughty Sparkling was born out of a desire to push the drinks industry to be more accountable, both when it comes to ingredients and sugar as well as from a broader environmental perspective.
      Noughty brings the party without the alcohol!

Why alcohol free?

      • Because I wanted to create something where there was no alcohol at all in the bottle so no room for confusion – the meaning of “low” is still somewhat vague and I didn’t want to play in that space. Everyone can enjoy Noughty, whether driving, pregnant, sober or just because it’s delicious and you want some balance in your life.

Wine Enthusiast

Brewers and Winemakers Debate the Best Ways to Make Non-Alcoholic Beer and Wine

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“You know you want in, so don't even try to pretend you're too cool.”
-The Guardian