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Sipple, Texas' first non-alcoholic bottle shop, opens near Rice Village

Abigail Rosenthal

"For Danny Frounfelkner, who founded Sipple alongside his wife, Helenita, it's a shift from the wines, beers and ciders he surrounded himself with during more than 20 years in the beverage industry as a consultant, beverage director for multiple Houston restaurants, and a director at Houston's City Orchard cidery. But even with his vast experience in the industry, Danny cut back his own drinking significantly during the pandemic after seeing alcohol affect his life in ways he aimed to curtail."

New non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits shop pops open in Rice Village in time for sober October

Eric Sandler

"Customers will find a range of flavorful products designed to satisfying their cravings, whether they've given up alcohol permanently or just want a short break from spirits. The shop's inventory includes beverages designed to mimic the flavor of drinks like gin or whiskey as well as cocktail mixers and wines in a range of varietals. Prices are consistent with what someone would typically pay for full proof options."

Inside Rice Village’s Sipple — Texas’ Only Alcohol-Free Bottle Shop For Adults

Shelby Hodge

"With 20 years in the hospitality business, much of it as a beverage director and sommelier, and with experience producing wines in his native California and Italy, Danny Frounfelkner brings a special expertise to the world of alcohol-free drink options. During the year he’s spent working on Sipple, Danny says that he talked to some 150 brands and tasted 300 to 400 different products."

The No-Alcohol Industry Boomed Over the Pandemic. Where’s It Going Next?

Kate Dingwall

"Scrap what you heard about people drinking more during the pandemic. Left confined to home, many alcohol drinkers started cutting the booze, reaching instead for a dram from the ever-growing no-alcohol category."

Houston is getting its first non-alcoholic bottle shop this week

Emma Balter

"There's never been a better time to not be drinking alcohol, for whatever reason. Bars and restaurants are looking beyond the Shirley Temple with mocktails, and even beer giants such as Heineken and Budweiser have non-alcoholic versions of their brews."

How to Build a Better Non-Alcoholic Bar Program

Kate Dingwall

"Nowadays, non-alcoholic options are a requisite on any cocktail menu. The best fly far above a soda, implementing just as much care and consideration as a craft cocktail. But the worst are afterthoughts, sugary sips meant as a consolation prize for non-partakers."

The Rise of the Nonalcoholic Bottle Shop

Dayna Evans

"Over the past few years, beverage options for nondrinkers, the sober-curious, and those who just want to expand their drink options past booze have gone from the musty memory of O’Doul’s to hundreds of options, from beers and wines to spirits, aperitifs, and batched cocktails, either dealcoholized versions of the original or novel inventions."

The Movement Gaining More Popularity Than Meatless Monday

Richie Crowley

Over the past five years, nonalcoholic beer sales have grown by 3.9% on average while overall beer sales have remained mostly flat. This supports AB InBev’s ambition to generate at least one-fifth of its global beer sales from low-or-no booze brands by the end of 2025, a year that Global Market Insights predicts will see the nonalcoholic wine and beer market cross $30 billion. This is consistent with alcohol incumbent Bacardi’s forecasting that there will be a 400% growth in zero-to-low alcohol in the next four years.


Mary B Pellettieri

"Some of us only explore the #soberlife when we are nudged. Be it dry January or Sober October, these times of year may be inspirations to find some inspiration. We did some homework for you to get you started. These bloggers, Instagram influencers and store/bar owners are leading the way and paving a new path for those who want to drink like adults, but stay level."

Sipple in Houston is the state’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop

Lucy Esteban

"Houston welcomed a new bottle store on a sunny Saturday in “Sober October”. But instead of hard spirits like gin and vodka, it serves chardonnay, mushroom beer, and bottled Italian spritzers – all without real alcohol."


Laura Silverman

"We continue our (virtual*) road trip across the United States to visit brick and mortar NA bottle shops, combo booze free bars/retailers, and online stores."

‘Sober October’ Doesn’t Have to be Limited to One Month: Non-Alcoholic Shop Opens Near Rice Village

Julia Davila

"Driven by their passion for the alcohol-free movement, California native Danny Frounfelkner and his wife, Helenita, have opened a booze-free shop, hoping to break down barriers and stigmas around non-alcoholic beverages. They want to shift the question from "Why aren't you drinking?" to "What are you drinking?"

Houston's 5 Best Weekend Food Bets: Underbelly Burger Opens, Crawfish Arrives at Monkey's Tail

Lorretta Ruggiero

For those who believe in the powers of cannabidiol and also enjoy ranch water, Mixer Elixir is launching its first ever Ranch Water CBD Seltzer in partnership with Sipple, the first non-alcoholic bottle shop, in Rice Village. The launch party will offer free tastings and giveaways.

Bayou City Hemp Company Launches Cannabis-Infused, Ranch Water-Flavored CBD Seltzer in Texas

"We are excited to add Mixer Elixir's Ranch Water to our amazing selection of non-alcoholic options," says Sipple co-founder, Danny Frounfelkner. "Whether people are taking a break from alcohol for a day, month or lifetime, more and more care about what's inside the bottle or can, searching for natural ingredients and great taste. There is a reason Ranch Water has become one of the top selling products in our store in four short weeks!"

Let’s Push Non-Alcoholic Drinks to the Next Level

Justin Vann

“DRY JANUARY” IS OVER, BUT THE STATE OF NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES deserves a more detailed look, especially after a year that gave us so many reasons to drink. As an alcohol salesperson, I have long considered calls for an alcohol-free start to the year an enemy, but as an aging person, I find my hardline views—and my alcohol tolerance—softening."