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Jukes Cordialities

Uniquely fashioned new drinks for adults.

Made in London

Created by world-famous wine taster and writer, Matthew Jukes, and designed to elevate your senses.

Healthy Living

Utilizing the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, this ready to drink, low in sugar, versatile drink is delicious, refreshing and wholesome enough to drink every day.

Sustainably Sourced

Made from all natural, self-reproducing vegetables, fruit and natural flavorings, Jukes ensures all of their by-products are edible consumables and recyclable.


These blended drinks are exquisite, complex, and full of aromatic characters, delivering you with their uniquely satisfying perfume, mouthfeel and aftertaste.


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Meet Matthew + Jack

  • World-famous wine taster, author of 13 wine books and wine columnist writer for the Daily Mail in the UK, Matthew Jukes is no stranger to the beverage world. After years of not finding an elegant non-alcoholic drink that was also genuinely satisfying and palatable, Matthew decided to create his own. Jukes’ DNA is that of great wine, in terms of the perfume, the body and the finish, but they are made from entirely different natural ingredients to be non-alcoholic, limited in calories, and, like fine wines, deeply satisfying for the drinker.

Why alcohol free now?

  • What we strive for - truly rounded and complex drinks, which can take the place of a great glass of wine for all occasions when you choose not to drink alcohol. We are committed to providing a healthy drink alternative. As living a more balanced lifestyle becomes mainstream, Jukes are drinks that directly respond to the professional who is limiting alcohol consumption for any of a variety of reasons but not wishing to give up the high-end and pleasurable qualities of fine wine. People choosing to opt for non-alcoholic drinks will no longer feel ostracized or underserved when they drink Jukes, as these drinks are generous, welcoming, immersive, well-being conscious and also inclusive.


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“Well done to you and the team on such a great product and thank you for creating healthy flavoursome options for those of us cutting down on alcohol, but not on fun!”