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Why alcohol-free for me?

Why do I choose non-alcoholic drinks?

I hit my lowest of low points in the fall of 2019 + it forced me to look myself long + hard in the mirror. After a stare off contest I both won + lost (haha), I re-evaluated my relationship with alcohol.

As I started to peel back the onion layer by layer, it became abundantly clear I had a substance abuse issue + I used alcohol as an escape, coping mechanism + numbing tool. This conditioning was passed down from previous generations, but I wanted the vicious cycle to stop for the betterment of, first and foremost, myself + secondly + equally important, my children following in my now pivoted footsteps.

I didn’t ever like how I felt, thought + acted when I was drinking alcohol or especially the toll it took physically, mentally + emotionally the day after on myself as well those around me, especially my family.

The raw + honest truth is, I didn’t ever feel like me when I was drinking alcohol. I felt like I was hiding + numbing my true self, drowning + silencing my true voice with fear directly related to childhood trauma coupled with societal pressure + archaic norms.

When the universe reached out me in arms, I was ready to emerge from the shadows, shed all that heavy dark weight + step into the light with that new second skin, second chance at life by starting to live with fresh eyes, a lighter heart, softer soul + uplifted spirit free + wildly luminous!

I started to become the real me when I decided + desired to change the way I think + drink, + live my life alcohol-free; I finally felt like + found myself + my true identity. I’m Danny + I’m enough.

I finally knew all of me, therefore I finally am proud and love all of me.

That’s one of the key reasons why alcohol-free for me, and there are a million other reasons, just ask me on here or Clubhouse. I aspire to inspire!

I’m an open book + I’m here to share, guide, cheerlead + champion the AF culture, community and movement as a whole. Simply + entirely because there is everything positive about living, being &/or drinking alcohol-free!

So let’s celebrate with full flavor with zero downside. The upside is everything!

Stay golden + sip well. Cheers!

- Danny