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Teetotaler Wines

non-alcoholic wines for any social occasion.

Born in Canada

Created by Danijela Kovac in after years of looking for the perfect non-alcoholic glass of wine.

Perfect Pair

The dry red, crisp white and bubbly sparkling rosé pair perfect with everything from fish to pasta to your favorite charcuterie board.

Low Calories

With less than 25 calories in each glass of wine, you can't go wrong with red, white or sparkling rosé!


We can tell you how good it is, but we suggest you find out for yourself. We bet you can't have just one glass!


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Meet Danijela

  • It’s all about providing options! Teetotaler Wines was born out wanting to create another option for those of us, who do not drink alcohol! After years of being a teetotaler herself, Danijela was tired of not having anything good to drink. When she first discovered non-alcoholic wine, she was absolutely ecstatic and decided to make her own! Combining her love of wine and her joy of socializing over dinner and wine, Teetotaler Wines are meant to be appreciated with your favorite dishes. It's the perfect accompaniment to any occasion and with 0.0 alcohol, you can drink to your heart’s content!

What was your A-HA moment?

      • I went about 8 years of my sobriety before I had a glass of non-alcoholic wine. It’s very strange, that it didn’t even occur to me that it a non-alcoholic wine would even exist! When I had my first sip and paired it with a piece of cheese, it was an absolute game changer for me. The pleasure I used to receive from wine and food returned. It filled a gap that I lived without for so long. When the opportunity to have my own label of non-alcoholic wine was presented, I jumped on it as I wanted to share in my pleasure with others who were in the same boat.

The Manual

The 10 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines to Drink Right Now

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“Nothing but great and delicious compliments to give to Teetotaler Wines. I never thought I’d enjoy alcohol free wine but I was not just pleasantly surprised but also amazed by the excellent customer service. I’m definitely recommending it to my friends & clients.”
-Keila B.