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Crisp & Crude

Terpene-Enhanced Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Made in Texas

After quitting drinking due to migraines, founder Talia Bennick struck gold when she started mixing hemp-infused drinks in her kitchen!

Ready to Enjoy

Ready to drink, right out of the can! No mixers needed.

Happier with Hemp

Crack open a can of the perfect "feel-good" drink!

Natural Botanicals

Aromatic natural botanical terpenes enhance your experience through flavor and aromas.


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Meet Talia

Talia Bennick, founder of Crisp & Crude, started mixing zero-proof drinks in her kitchen as she went alcohol-free due to intense migraines triggered by alcohol. When she started mixing hemp extract and aromatic terpenes, like Pineapple Express, into these drinks, everyone at the table wanted at least one round, and she knew she was on to something.

She believes everyone deserves a zero-proof drink that lifts your mood and spirit when you crack open a can, that delights your tastebuds, and that makes you feel like the life of the party. Crisp & Crude uses the aromatic terpenes found in hemp to tap into your mind-body relaxation and then pairs them with flavor notes loosely-inspired by traditional cocktails to create the perfect “feel-good” drink.


What was your A-HA moment?

    • I adore any sort of tasting experience (from caviar to potato chips). I love knowing how place and variety defines flavor and taste. My “A-HA” moment was understanding that the hemp plant was no different, and that capturing the essence of a specific strain in a beverage was magic.


Crisp & Crude Offers Bold Alternative to Nonalcoholic Sector

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“This is DELICIOUS! It's refreshing and tart like a G&T and just chills me out without making me drunk or hungover.”
-Liysa M.