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Highr Giin & Tonnic


We went full mad scientist here: off-the-charts tasty and highly functional. Forget the dry science talk like "double-blind tests” and “academic peer reviews." We know our ingredients can reduce anxiety and sharpen the mind.

Our approach? Mix Valerian and Californian Poppy just for kicks – and, wow, kick they did.

Taste? We got you fam. Two Gold Medals in major International spirits comps thanks very much. Big thanks to superstar Japanese chef and Pickleball pro, Chase Kojima and his secret: lots of Yuzu.

- Low Calorie
- Less than <1g sugar.
- Reduce anxiety, improve mental sharpness & lift mood.
- Made from all-natural, organic ingredients.
- Alcohol and preservative-free.
- 4 powerful relaxing, mood-lifting plants.
- Vegan-friendly and gluten-free.
- Fizzy, yellow and surprising. In a good way.


Good drinks, for a good mood.

  • Californian Poppy: A poppy with sedative properties, promotes relaxation and relieves pain.
  • Valerian Root: Legit herb. Promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality. Google it. 
  • L-theanine: A naturally occurring amino acid that promotes relaxation and reduces stress without drowsiness.
  • Chamomile: You know this one.

Highr Giin & Tonnic