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What's in a SIP?

In short, SIPS are my unique way of evaluating products. With 20 years of industry experience as well as my developed palate and network, I wanted to bring something more fresh and elevated to SIPPLE. In a world full of influencers and paid sponsorships, SIPPLE is the opposite, bringing you products and evaluations that will remain completely unbiased and neutral, rooted in journalistic integrity. Absolutely no "pay to play" here!  
For me, and a core value for us at SIPPLE, our SIPS are about more than just taste. Of course, we want what you’re drinking to taste great but it’s so much more than that. Drinking should be a mind and body experience. We want to take you on a journey from the time you drink that first sip until you’re finished, yearning to pour that next drink.
Unlike traditional and (dare we say) archaic metrics of scoring on flavor alone, our SIPS scores are measured holistically to not only evaluate flavor and balance but also to bring to light the ethos, innovation, experience, transparency and integrity of each and every brand and their respected products. Let’s take a closer look at each SIP (aka SIPPLE Notes).

Flavor Profile

How many times have you read a drinks menu with tasting notes and seen words that don't resonate with you? Sure, they sound cool and sophisticated but more often than not, don’t you just want something a little bit easier to digest?
We’ve created six categories to communicate flavor in a whole new way that’s relatable, accessible and easy-to-understand, letting you rest easy knowing you’re at the right place. We've also given each product a FIRST sip and a FINISH sip so you know from start to finish what you’re getting! Our six flavor profiles are:
  • Bright, Bold + Bubbly
  • Light, Crisp + Crushable
  • Rich, Refreshed + Complex
  • Fruit Forward, Floral + Poised
  • Silk, Spice + Sippable
  • Earthy, Robust + Reflective

What's Inside

As more and more of us gain awareness about what we’re eating, it’s important to be mindful about what we’re drinking, too. The What’s Inside category is all about, well, what’s literally inside the bottle/can.
What ingredients and botanicals are being used?
Is it high quality, real, pure, premium, etc.?
Where are the ingredients sourced from?
What’s the process?
Are there any preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners &/or "natural" flavors?
All of that goes into the finished product and all SIPPLE products hold the highest standards in transparency and integrity.


I've always been a discoverer, always finding the next best undiscovered gem—from music to art to drinks—so I wanted to fuse my two greatest loves and passions in life: non-alcoholic drinks and music (next to my family, of course)! Instead of offering food pairings (which you’ll also find on our product pages), we’re taking the road less traveled to bring you something untraditional and unexpected by offering a music pairing instead.
My goal is to create, craft and curate a full sensory experience that’s all inclusive and intended to be enjoyed by all. No matter your age, location, wallet size, etc., you’re sure to be taken on a ride.
When I listens to music, the beat, melody, vocals, harmonies and story are a VIBE that transports me to a higher ground and shifts my mindset with a higher love and appreciation of the ever present now and everything that’s connected.
We want you to pour yourself a non-alcoholic drink, dim the lights, press play on the pairing song and dance like nobody’s watching. Just let yourself feel the VIBES where music and all things AF intersect and connect.


In a world full of shortcuts and copycats, we’re proud to bring you brands that are visionaries and luminaries. We’re here to showcase the creative beings behind these products, to cheerlead and champion their spirit, drive and passion to bring their dreams to reality. More and more people want to know that they’re a part of a movement and greater cause, and the brands and people behind them, that are gratefully a part of SIPPLE's community, are creating and bringing a much needed change we need and want to see in this world!

Let's Recap

So, when you see that SIP score on a product page, it’s not just about what it tastes like. It’s about the entire journey…from taste to feeling good about what you’re drinking to the stories and experience of filling your senses and feeding your soul.